Bitcoin is without doubt the most well known and popular Cryptocurrency, when most people think of Cryptocurrency they think of Bitcoin; it is the original and is growing in popularity all the time, being accepted by online and bricks and mortar stores all over the world. We couldn’t accept Crypto payments without accepting BTC! There is a good overview on the official Bitcoin website which show you how to buy, my personal favourite way is to find a Bitcoin ATM.

Many people think that Bitcoin is complicated, when in fact, it is VERY user friendly. When you have used it a couple of times nearly everything you do with it will be second nature! Not only is it easy, Cryptocurrencies will be very empowering in the coming years. With countries the world over trying to push people into a Cashless society, this is understandably unpopular with many people, so go Cashless on Your Own Terms!

We know most people find the best way to learn is to watch videos so below we have a couple of videos which we feel explain Bitcoin well. We have all the Cryptocurrencies that we accept on our Cryptocurrencies Information page, however in this blog post we go into greater detail.

Buying Bitcoin at an ATM

One way of buying Bitcoin is to use an ATM, you can see if there is one locally to you at This is a popular way and can be done within minutes.

How to Get Bitcoin at an ATM

How to Buy Bitcoin Using Coinbase

Many people use Coinbase because it has great customer service, is easy to use and has a good reputation. I have embedded a video below which I think gives good instruction to buying Bitcoin using Coinbase.

How to Get Bitcoin using Coinbase

Purchasing Bitcoin using Cash App

Similar to Coinbase, although many people prefer Cash App from what I hear from my customers; both are good, however, it may be worth trying both if unsure.

A very easy to understand video has been added below to show you how to buy Bitcoin using Cash App.

How to Get Bitcoin using Cash App

How to Buy Bitcoin Using Local Bitcoins

This is the last video we include in this post, and for many people they prefer using Local Bitcoins. If you are looking to get Bitcoin solely for the purpose of buying Rick Simpson Oil from us then it may not be the most convenient. However check out the video, it may seem like the best way for you.

How to Get Bitcoin using Local Bitcoins


I hope this blog post has been informative for you, we have gone over four different ways to buy Bitcoin, similar methods can be used for acquiring other Cryptocurrencies which you can get an overview and other links again at our Crypto Currency Information Page.

Like I mentioned earlier this may seem like an inconvenience, however, remember without it we would not be able to do what we do without it. I have made a lot of money personally by investing in Cryptocurrencies and this may also be something you would like to look into. I mention this as many people often get excited about Cryptocurrencies when they first start to use them. I would recommend looking at Lark Davies for this, you can find his YouTube channel at his advice is very very sound. He makes vlogs almost daily to keep you upto date and he has an excellent track record.

If you have any further questions; please check out our FAQ Page and also feel free to Contact Us of discuss in the comments section below amongst yourselves. Feedback is always welcome and we love to hear from our Customers.