In my opinion, there is no better medicine to give to an animal. I have treated my dog ​​with wonderful results.

Dogs are known to have a much faster metabolism than humans. In many cases dogs heal so quickly that you can almost see it happen.

If you have the appropriate oil, I don’t know of any treatment that is more effective for treating cancer in dogs or humans, and usually dogs can be cured of this dreaded disease in no time. Usually dogs only require a few grams of this oil to get rid of cancer, so if I were you I would take the dog on the oil as soon as possible.

When treating dogs internally with oil, there is very little to worry about, because if the oil was produced from strong medicinal strains of Indica they have a very sedative effect and even if you give too much to a dog, it would go simply to sleep, but once the dog has woken up you will find that it has not been damaged.

The oil cannot cause damage to the dog even if you have to give too much to the dog, if you have the right oil all it would do would be to make the dog sleep and when he will wake up unharmed. If I were you I would start the treatment with two drops a day, once in the morning and once in the evening and then slightly increase the amount that the dog is taking every four days until the dog has healed. As for the external treatment of the dog, all you have to do is apply the oil and cover it with a bandage and then apply more oil every three days, I hope this will answer your questions about the correct treatment of this dog.

Dogs like to take oil, but cats can often be a little indifferent, so you may have trouble bringing oil into the cat, so I would simply try mixing a small amount of oil with their food. Animals heal very quickly compared to humans and since the oil does not present any danger, there is no need to worry about the oil harmful to your cat, even if you have to give too much to the animal.

I would start the cat by giving it two doses a day twelve hours apart and give the cat about half a drop per dose, so after four days this dosage can be increased to one drop per dose. I think you will find that your cat will respond very quickly to this treatment and don’t worry if the animal sleeps a lot, as this is the effect the oil is supposed to cause. Usually it only takes a small amount of oil to cure a cat and once the animal has ingested one or two grams, I think you will see a significant improvement in the general health of the animals.