If you are able to acquire a small amount of properly produced oil, it will surely work to effectively treat skin cancer and usually a few grams of this oil are enough to do the job. All of our Rick Simpson Oil is made with the best sleepy Indica dominant varieties, which have a THC content of 20% and upwards. We are very open about the purity of our product and we encourage you to test your Rick Simpson Oil regardless of whether or not you buy it from us or anyone else.

It should also be said that in the treatment of skin cancer, the oils produced by the Sativa strains can also be used effectively, since when applied locally the patient does not experience its energizing effects.

Apply the oil on the skin cancer and cover it with a bandage, apply fresh oil and a new bandage every 3 to 4 days and the cancer should soon disappear. I always tell people to continue treatment until the cancer disappears, so they should continue to treat the area for about two more weeks, just as if the cancer was still there, as this will eliminate any cancerous cells that may still remain. that all cancer cells died and i never saw a return of skin cancer if my instructions were followed. If you’ve had skin cancer for some time and the cancer is well established, it may take some time to cure.

But usually even in severe cases the cancer disappears in less than three weeks. In an extreme case it may take longer, but if so, continue the treatment until it is gone. Many people can cure skin cancer in no time, but it all depends on your cure rate and how deeply the cancer has become.

It must also be remembered that I am not just talking about cancer here, I apply this oil to a third degree burn and what happened? The burn heals painlessly in a very short time and left no scars. When considering all the suffering that patients in burn units suffer, why isn’t this simple herbal drug available to burn victims?

This is only the tip of the iceberg people, as the simple truth is that if you have properly produced oils from the cannabis plant at your disposal, you will likely find that it is the most effective drug to treat any medical condition you can name. I don’t call oils produced correctly from different varieties of this plant, a cure for all without good reason and once the truth about its true healing powers becomes known, I am sure that everything I am telling you now will become common knowledge.

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