One day the name Rick Simpson will be a house-hold name. He will be known for being the man who has rediscovered the cancer cure of all.

Why did Rick Simpson try using Cannabis for Cancer?

Rick’s path to curing cancer begins in 2003. Nearly twenty years ago, Rick was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. He had three cancer sites on his body. Two in the face and one in the neck. Rick’s decision on how to deal with this diagnosis would change the world.

After Rick was unlucky with the surgery, he decided to try something different. For almost a year, Rick extracted the oil from the cannabis plant and took it orally. He had taken the oil for other health reasons, but the cancer diagnosis reminded him of something and gave him an idea. He remembered a headline on the radio he had heard almost thirty years ago; the headline of the radio said that the University of Virginia had found the cannabinoid in cannabis, THC can kill cancer in mice. He supposed that if it killed cancer in mice, it would also kill his own cancer.

Rick Simpson is looking at some outdoor grown cannabis plants which will likely be used to make his Rick Simpson Oil
Rick Simpson checking out some outdoor Cannabis plants

The results of using THC Oil for Cancer.

Rick decided to apply cannabis oil to his skin cancer. He put his cannabis oil on some bandages and put them on the cancer infected areas. After a few weeks of waiting, he decided it was time to see if anything had happened to the associations. To Rick’s surprise, the cancer had disappeared. His cannabis oil had cured his cancer.

Rick tried to show his doctors, but they were not interested. He went to different cancer organizations and tried to get their help, but nobody wanted to have anything to do with his discovery. At this point, Rick took the matter into his own hands. He grew cannabis on his land and produced his cannabis oil. He passed the oil on free to all who needed it. Even after his house had been raided several times and more than 2600 cannabis plants had been cut down and taken away by the RCMP, he continued to produce oil and help others.

Rick Simpson story a book which he wrote, telling you how he cured his own cancer and how you can too.
Rick Simpson even published his own book which I highly recommend!

It has been over ten years since Rick started his journey to tell others that cannabis oil can cure cancer. Rick has personally cured over 5000 people with this brilliant oil, not to mention countless others around the world who have heard his story and have been healed.