Although the research is not definitive, some research shows that Rick Simpsons oil could be a potential solution for people living with osteoporosis. While the pathology is very retarding among women, with roughly four, 5 million women aged 50 and over who suffer from this condition, it is also a problem among men, with almost zero, 8 million men 50 and over who suffer from health problems.

Some analyzes have found that while excessive use of cannabis oil can reduce bone strength in younger subjects; the use of the plant could protect against osteoporosis later in life by activating a natural molecule (cannabinoid receptor or CB1) in the body, which is the key to the development of osteoporosis.

To examine the connection between cannabis oil and pathology development, researchers funded by the arthritis research campaign used compounds similar to those of cannabis oil that activate the CB1 receptor. As mentioned, they found that the compounds helped weaken the bone tissue in young people, but they also showed that bone loss in older mice has decreased. The accumulation of fat around the bones has also been prevented, which is a known event in people with osteoporosis.

“This is an exciting revolution associated with it, but we must recognize that these are the first results and further tests are needed on the effects of cannabis oil in humans to determine how the effects differ with age in people. We decide to conduct more tests. At the moment and we hope that the results will facilitate the delivery of new treatments that could be important in the fight against pathology, “said study leader Stuart Ralston, professor of rheumatology in the arthritis research campaign at the University of Edinburgh.

The possibility of using Rick Simpsons Oil may not exist for everyone, but it could be a possible solution for those who have access to this type of treatment. Also, the ability to use cannabis oil is slowly expanding across the United States due to the recognition of Rick Simpsons Oil’s benefit and the desire for freedom and legitimacy. Therefore many people could benefit from it in the coming years.

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