We have made some changes to the way we accept cryptocurrencies. We like to feel we have made it easier and more robust.

We have done this by going with the CryptocurrencyCheckout WooCommerce plugin. This is better than the last one, although we will be accepting a smaller less types of cryptocurrency and we have decided to do this for easier maintenance and the ones we have focused on have been due to customer demand and privacy.

Although we will be using CryptocurrencyCheckout, there is still no middleman or third party payment gateway you need to trust.

That being said if you want the best privacy for your transactions then we reccomend paying via Pirate Chain (ARRR) or Monero (XMR) these two forms of payment allow you to send private payments by default.

We like the idea of this so much we offer a 10% discount for payments using these technologies, so even if you don’t have any Pirate or Monero, it is worth swapping some Bitcoin for this as you will get idscount on your order and will have to pay a lot less on transaction fees!

This is a new way of doing things, so if you do have nay problems feel free to contact us, the more feedback we get the better we can make it for you and for other users!