I wanted to touch on the story of Joy Smith; a lady from England who had a fantastic story which entailed how she was able to survive cancer and attributed Cannabis Oil, like ours to be the reason why she is still here today.

More people than ever feel that lots of the cures for diseases like Cancer are suppressed and even if they don’t think that way will still prefer more holistic methods such as Cannabis as the pain and suffering from treatments like Chemotherapy are often worse than cancer itself.

It is sporadic to see any mention of Cannabis being used to treat Cancer in mainstream media, especially on the television, which is why I was pleasantly surprised to see Joy Smith on This Morning , which is a top-rated Morning/Day-Time TV SHow in the UK.

Cancer has been one of the most elusive diseases in the world that has baffled physicians and researchers due to its stubborn nature that makes it very difficult to cure. Medical science has taken some steps to cure cancer and seek remedies, but it still cannot be labelled curable.

Cannabis oil (RSO) and its incredible cures

Many probable cures have been found with doctors and researchers around the world to fight cancer, including the use of cannabis. This is how Rick Simpson took the road in 2013 and formed the renowned Rick Simpson oil. RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is one of a kind. It contains higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compared to other medical cannabis extracts.

Cannabis oil can be beneficial for people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, or insomnia. The RSO oil price is reasonable according to everyone’s needs, and it is a lower cost than a person should have when it comes to saving lives. It has also been commended that it can be used to help relieve pain in people with cancer.

Joy Smith and her incredible recovery

Joy Smith, 52, says she had never taken any drugs before in her life, but cannabis oil was a miracle cure for her. Doctors gave Joy Smith just six weeks to live when she was diagnosed with stomach and intestinal cancer unless she started chemotherapy to buy more time. But almost two years later, she’s about to get the go-ahead. She claims that regular doses of cannabis oil with THC, which is banned in the UK, have destroyed her tumours which, according to doctors, were inoperable. Leaving doctors in awe of her astonishing and incredible recovery and forcing them to call her the ‘wonder woman’ and luckiest woman in the world, as her scans exhibit that she is now clear, leaving only a small amount of the disease, which is inevitable. that you will cure it with the help of continued use of cannabis oil.

Joy affirms that she will continue to fight for the drug to be legalized.

Joy Smith says she will continue to fight until this drug is legalized. She even claims that she has received thousands of messages from people who are desperate to be cured of cancer and have tried to reach out to her to learn about her journey and seek help. She says it is devastating to see so many people suffer and seek help, but she cannot help herself because drugs are illegal.

It is believed that Ms Smith purchases the drug online and illegally. Take the nutritional supplement cannabidiol, which is derived from cannabis and is known to be legal in the UK; however, their treatment also includes THC, which is what makes users “high” and is not allowed or permitted.

“All I wanted was peace of mind; I wanted to know if someone had ever been cured.”


She started treatment every two weeks for three days. Still, the chemotherapy line had to be withdrawn after she developed sepsis. Ms Smith was not informed that her friends had been searching for an alternative cancer cure online until they gave her a cannabis-based tablet out of nowhere. After which she said she started feeling clumsy and drunk, and when all the nurses were looking at her, she tried hard not to make it notice. Then she started looking online about its uses and if it cured someone else of cancer. She said that all she was looking for is peace of mind before wearing it.

After researching its healing use online, Joy’s friends managed to find someone who could produce it and convinced her to give it a try. Of course, when you are lying on your deathbed, whatever is said to save you, you are willing to try.

Fortunately, Joy found out about a woman in America who grew up here in America and who had cured her cancer by growing cannabis and producing oil. She even tried sharing this with her consultant at the hospital to find out if her new treatment could save her life and restore her to health.

The moment you hear the word cancer, it’s petrifying.

Naturally, when you receive or hear news about cancer, it is scary. But in the end, it’s all about willpower and having a positive attitude. It would help if you also had an optimistic outlook on life. Joy says that she plans to start blogging and her book about her miraculous journey, and she also plans to write a book in which she will share all about her journey and also information about her treatment. You will also have some tips on how to cope with cancer. She hopes that he will also inspire many.

Making the most out of your life; living each day with a smile.

Joy claims her life has taken a U-turn since her diagnosis; and now, she makes the most utmost of it of her days and enjoys life to the fullest. She also plans on spreading the news about her alkaline diet that she ensued to her cure her cancer. Cancer can’t live in a high-alkaline body, and it kills it. She believes that this knowledge should be presented to and passed on to every single cancer subject out there, but hardly any people know about it. She also claims that this knowledge should be out there, just like the oil should be and therefore should be legalized.

Joy says that she feels fantastic and has never been better. She even believes that she’s very grateful for where she is today because that indeed is a miracle.

Joy claims her life has turned upside down after her diagnosis, and now, she is making the most of her days and enjoying life to the fullest. She also plans to spread the word about her alkaline diet that she followed to cure her cancer. Cancer cannot live in a highly alkaline body. She concludes that this information should be provided and passed on to every cancer patient out there, but hardly anyone knows. It also states that this knowledge should be there, just as oil should and should be legalized.

Joy says she feels fantastic and has never been better. She even thinks that she is very grateful for where she is today because it is undoubtedly a miracle.

Why is Rick Simpson Oil not Mainstream knowledge?

It has been more than two years since this was on TV. There have been hundreds of thousands of shares on social media since then. I still get emails from people asking why more people are not using Cannabis for cancer and why with stories like Joys, people are not acknowledging Rick Simpson Oil as a treatment?

I think it is not just as simple as the big pharma companies want to suppress anything which they cannot patent. However, this is a significant factor; it is more complicated.

Who is “Big Pharma”?

The term refers to the largest pharmaceutical companies around the world; they are incredibly influential as a group. To give an idea of their sheer size; the market cap of the top 10 “Big Pharma” companies is $1.7 trillion with Johnson & Johnson being the largest, with a market capitalisation of $374 billion.

So far, Big Pharma has observed the cannabis industry from the sidelines; claiming to be deterred by regulatory concerns. Many people accept this position that they are hampered by regulation, I find that hard to believe when you consider the severe adverse side effects from their pharmaceutical drugs. You only need to Google “Johnson & Johnson court settlement” or “Phizer court settlement” etc. to see the massive amount of damages they have had to pay to people who have been massively affected by their products. And, for big pharma, it is seen as nothing more than an occupational hazard or collateral damage.

What I believe we see now, is the sleeping giant’s takeover of the cannabis industry with pharmaceutical companies slowly intensifying as more partnerships, patents and sponsored clinical trials to come to fruition.

Now I am not saying that their cannabis-based products will not be useful, but in my opinion, they are aware of how effective cannabis is for cancer treatment and curing a multitude of diseases and ailments; however, if they cannot produce anything patentable, there is no incentive for them to have!

There are many other reasons why many people, myself included, believe Rick Simpson Oil is suppressed. There are many organisations and services, private and public who depend on maintaining the narrative of conventional medicine. There are cancer research charities whose jobs, donations and funding would come to a sudden halt if people believed their efforts were no longer required.

Then there are the hospitals, the businesses and organisations who provide aftercare, physio, hospices etc. who all know which side their bread is buttered.

It is not all doom and gloom though, if you are like myself and believe in the effectiveness of Rick Simpson Oil then great; word of mouth is still the most effective way of spreading the word, in many ways more so than the internet. So it is not an if but a when in my opinion that people will seek RSO as a treatment for their illnesses rather than what mainstream media and soap operas sell them.

There are some real heroes for this movement though, one notable woman who springs to mind is Christina Sanchez who is continually pushing for Cannabis to be used as a cancer treatment and is operating very powerfully within the system as opposed to many like us who are working outside.

We will be publishing an article on Christina Sanchez soon and will bring you up to date with her work!


It is only a matter of time before Cannabis is acknowledged by the majority as a great if not the best Cancer treatment, the only unknown is whether mass adoption comes in the form of a mainstream publication or news announcement or it just comes in the form of gradual word of mouth.

Only time will tell.

If you wish to try Rick Simpson Oil for anything from Cancer, Pain, Arthritis or any other illness but still not sure, then give our sample order a go.

If you have any questions feel free to discuss amongst yourselves in the comment area below, go to our FAQ’s or contact us.