Dear Customers, please do not ignore this message.

It’s time to change; the UK will leave the EU soon; laws will likely change. Conventional payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal have been a nightmare for our industry and BACS/Bank Transfer, forgeit it; even worse!

To avoid any issues, we have had to move on to Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin.

Shop anonymously, shop smart, use Bitcoin.

This guide is the most straightforward one yet. You may find our Cryptocurrencies guide more useful. Still, this guide I have put together for someone who is in their home looking at this page and wants to make a purchase ASAP without leaving their home.

To get started, follow these simple steps:

1 – Download the BitPay app.

2 – Create your BTC wallet. (NON-Segwit, Protect with password)

3 – Go to wallets, press “Backup now”.

4 – Write down the recovery phrase. (Might be useful if you want to recover your wallet later on)

5 – Verify recovery phrase.

6 – Buy bitcoin directly from BitPay. Click – “Buy Crypto”

7 – Pay with Apple Pay, Simplex or Wyre secure payment providers.

8 – Bitcoins will be in your BitPay wallet in ~20mins.

9 – From your BitPay wallet, send bitcoins to our wallet.

10 – Happy days, you are living in the future!

You can save lots by using bitcoin, these savings are passed onto you!

Youtube instructions on how to create/send/buy:

Buy Bitcoin in the BitPay App

Sending and Receiving Bitcoin on the Bitpay Wallet

How To Setup Your Bitcoin BitPay Wallet